Traditional recipes that evolve to save time and revive memories

How a childhood meal turns into a contemporary recipe you pass on to friends

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Some recipes were exclusive to festivals or birthdays; and some were just made everyday, so simple that they never made it to a guest’s table.

Ironically, these are the recipes that one misses the most after moving away from family and living on your own. The everyday meals, that could be prepared in under 30 minutes — the vegetables would be roughly chopped, the curry could be runny, but when eaten with a piece of roti (flat wholewheat bread), it soothed your hunger that no other meal could.

My fondest memory with it is that except for me and Mum, my siblings and dad didn’t like it. Yet, Mum would prepare a batch just for the two of us, which we would enjoy with fresh rotis (flat bread/chapatis) laced with ghee.

As an adult now, living away from home, I simply do not have the time to make two separate items (roti and veggies) to relive those flavours. So last week, in an attempt to create a healthier version of it, I prepared what I call: ‘Quinoa-vegetable hot salad’. A way to revive the same flavours without spending too much time on it.

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